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Did you know that the water coming out of your tap could be 4 1/2 billion years old? The water we have on earth today  has been around for all those years! 
That precious combination of oxygen and hydrogen is all the water we will ever have on earth.
            As a culmination of activities around Earth Day the Plumas Sierra Cattlewomen presented an activity that taught about the earth's never ending water cycle. to the third grades in Loyalton and Portola.  At Loyalton Elementary  the children in Mrs. Folchi's classroom participated in the presentation as did the children in Mrs. Kooyman's and Mrs. Cones' classes at C. Roy Carmichael Elementary School.. With the help of charts and diagrams, the students learned about the importance of this cycle beginning with the formation of clouds, the resulting moisture falling to earth to do very important jobs, and to the returning of the moisture to clouds.
            After a  short introduction each student was given a leather shoe string onto which the student strung the correct colored bead that told  the water cycle story. He began with the white bead that represented the cloud.  That one was followed by a light blue bead  that stood for rain (precipitation).  The next bead was brown and it identified the ground (accumulation). A dark blue bead came next as it was the water in lakes, rivers, and the ocean (surface runoff) A green bead was strung next and it stood for the plants (transpiration). A bright yellow bead shone next as the sun is the energy needed to make this cycle happen..A very important clear bead ended  the strand, representing the water vapor which completes the cycle.  Then this whole procedure will begin again and continue and contiinue as it has for many years, When all the beads were strung in the correct order, the leather lace was tied around the wrist of each student with the homework assignment to tell the water cycle story to the families at home.
            Those Plumas Sierra Catlewomen who worked with the 68 third grade students in the two communities were Hollis Coogan, Leigh Anne Isgreen, Pat Ramelli, Nancy Thompson and Kathy Vignolo-Knight.  


Plumas-Sierra CattleWomen are dedicated to keeping Ag in the Classroom. We are busy throughout the school year working with the children at the schools in both our counties.

  One of our members taught nutrition, health facts and worked with the FFA students on the High School level. Other members read books pertaining to ranching and agriculture to a variety of grade levels at our Elementary Schools. PSCW participates in the "Book Project" with the California CattleWomen

Ag in the Classroom


Mrs. Kooyman's class. C Roy Carmichael

Our congratulations to our member Nancy Thompson who won the award for the most time and books read in the classroom of all the units, at the CCW/CCA convention in Reno, NV. for 2018. With Kathy Vignolo-Knight coming in 2nd. Congratulations. !!!!

Earth Day is coming up on Monday April 22, 2019

We will be teaching the Water Cycle bracelets for the 3rd grade

On Friday May 3rd,

Mrs. Cone's class, C Roy Carmichael

Mrs. Folchi's class. All the gang

Mrs Folchi's class, Loyalton Elementary