Co-presidents Flinda France(left) and  Debbie Thompson (right)

celebrating our CowBelle of the year, Debbie Thompson at

CowBelle of the Year Luncheon at CCA/CCW convention Dec. 2,2022

at the Peppermill, Reno, NV.

CowBelles receive a beautiful silver engraved bracelet with the year  and CCW Logo 

Debbie comes from a family of horse women. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, back when there were still neighborhood horse stables. Having gotten her first pony when she was 8 years old, she has fond memories of stopping to feed the horses on the walk to school, and then going straight to the stables after school to ride, muck stalls and feed.   Every summer her Mother would load up the horses and take her and her sister to stay at her Grandparent's property in Mt. Laguna (Eastern San Diego County). Riding all over the Laguna mountains all summer long with friends and cousins was a treasured time.

After years of enjoyable visits, Debbie and her husband Stan bought a five acre property in Plumas County over 20 years ago, hoping to someday to retire here. They finally achieved their dream and became full time Plumas County residents in 2015. That five acre property has grown to be a ten acre farm, where Debbie raises hair sheep, mini La Mancha dairy goats, heritage chickens and turkeys.

Debbie has always had a great love for ranching, farming, and the traditions that come with ranch life.  Debbie joined our county unit in 2017. Debbie feels very strongly that it is very important to educate our youth about our local agriculture community, and the vital role it plays in our well being. Debbie is currently Co-president of our unit, she also sits on the Scholarship, Beef Promotion, and Ag in the Classroom committees. 


CowBelle of the Year

Our 2021 Cowbelle of the Year is????

Debbie Thompson!!!!!

Congratulations from all of  us.