​​​The Water cycle bracelet.

We normally teach this for Earth Day

Due to the Covid-19  virus and stay at  home along with the schools closed, we have not been able to go into the schools. 

Our  local Ag teacher has  been helping her students with online classes and she is also the FFA and 4H teacher. We would like to send out a big thank you to Cali Griffin and all that she gives for agriculture.


Also for our Seniors helping and organizing the social distance Graduation for  our 2020 Seniors

Our Mission for Ag in the classroom is still the same as we  adjust due to Covid-19

Plumas-Sierra CattleWomen are dedicated to keeping Ag in the Classroom. We are busy throughout the school year working with the children at the schools in both our counties.


Laural has  taught nutrition, health facts and worked with the FFA students on the High School level.  Laural and other members read books pertaining to ranching and agriculture to a variety of grade levels at our Elementary Schools. PSCW participates in the "Book Project" with the California CattleWomen

Ag in the Classroom

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Did you know?


     The water coming out of your tap could be 4 1/2 billion years old? The water we have on earth today  has been around for all those years! 
    That precious combination of oxygen and hydrogen is all the water we will ever have on earth.


Laural Colberg Chair Ag in the Classroom

Our congratulations to our member Nancy Thompson who won the award for the most time and books read in the classroom of all the units, at the CCW/CCA convention in

Reno, NV. for 2019. With Kathy Vignolo-Knight coming in 2nd. Congratulations. !!!!